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Vom Wasserrand 

Our German Shepherd Life

Located in North Carolina along the water ( The name Waters Edge comes from this ) is the ideal setting for a German Shepherd to live. The bloodlines have been carefully picked from the best possible  European bloodlines in the world.
Health checks and clearances are a must for the breeding program we have laid out. Health, temperament and stellar beauty is what we produce.
The dogs live with us inside the home, they are part of our family being loved and treated as part of it. The puppies are born and raised in the whelping room with handling from their first breath to several stimuli activities during the first  weeks of life while still with us .  Each puppy is well socialized and very outgoing.

All of the adult dogs are fed an all natural RAW diet with limited vaccines( rabies vaccines of course is required by law). I will be happy to explain the way we do a raw diet for optimal health of our dogs. Our dogs have shiny , healthy coats, great teeth, strong immune systems, energy and overall excellent health resulting in fewer visits to the vets office and never second guessing what is really in the food that is being fed..... If I can't pronounce it, they don't get fed it.

I realize that a raw diet is not for everyone so we start the puppies out on a high quality dry food to avoid having picky eaters as pups. 

When a breeding is planned it is never just for the sake of having puppies, there are already plenty of those out there already. Each litter is specifically chosen with a goal in mind and most of the time it is to keep a puppy back to continue the breeding program in the future , or there is enough interest in people having one of the pups from a particular  pairing. 

The puppies are all seen by a licensed veterinarian at least once, up to date with vaccines, microchipped, AKC registered and deworming. 
All of our pups are born and raised in the home, very well socialized and outgoing.They are handled a lot from the moment they are born until they are 8 weeks old. We start paper training as early as 4 weeks old.

We actively train and show our dogs and have been for many years now.
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