The Ladies

SG2,IPO1, Farah von Farhantal

V Freddi von Modithor x VA1 Wikky von Farhantal
HD/ED a normal DM clear

Our newest import. Farah has an superior bloodline with color, bone and temperament to die for. Farah made her show debut in April 2018 with a SG2!

V Biggy Von Mining

VP1 Afires Vail Team Von Den Hohen Berg

VA Willy KuckKucksland & VA Wikky Von Farhantal
co-owned with Kathleen Kimberlin

SG Alli(gator)-Morchella

BH/AD , DM Clear, SV a normal hips/elbows 

Morchella means true morels. Alli came about after she started acting like an alligator!
Alli is a Negus and Grexa daughter. Boisterous,outgoing, confident with a stubborn and cantankerous side. Grexa was over zealous when Alli was born and chewed part of her tail when cleaning her OOOPS. We think she is stunning all the same.
We are so proud of our little Alli half tail and all still placed VP3 at the South East Regionals  and in April 2018 Alli add's another VP3 !!! SG2 At the Regionals 2019 and another SG at the USCA Sieger show 2019*Keep your eyes on this beauty*
V Grexa Boghaus X V Negus Friedlander Land

Introducing a very Naughty puppy!
SG1(South East Regional Show) Naughty Vom Wasserrand

Naughty has earned her name fully. Her drive and zest for work is amazing. Heavy boned, correct structure and movement all wrapped up in a very naughty puppy.

IPO1, normal hips/elbows  DM clear 
VA Saabat von Aurelius X V Olivia Radhaus (sister to Omen)